Criminal Defense

If your son or daughter has been arrested or charged with a crime, contact us today for a free initial consultation. We represent clients at all stages of a criminal case, from the arraignment up through the trial.

Advocating for the Proper Services Your Child Needs.

Individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities are at greater risk for involvement with the criminal justice system. Too often teachers and law enforcement officers lack the proper training to understand and assist individuals with disabilities. What a teacher or police officer might perceive as intentionally aggressive or dangerous behavior, may actually be an episode of Dysregulation over which the individual has no control.

Once a teacher, counselor, or neighbor makes a police report, a system is put into motion over which parents have little control.

Police reports are forwarded to a county or city prosecutor who will make the decision whether to charge an individual with a crime.  Prosecutors will even often charge individuals with a crime, even if the victim (who is often a parent or family member) does not want to press charges.

Having an experienced attorney who understands both the criminal justice system and how disabilities affect an individual’s behavior can help mitigate the consequences of being charged with a crime.

Our attorneys have represents hundreds of individuals, both juveniles and adults, charged with crimes. There are many options for resolving a criminal case, including diversion programs and suspended prosecution. Our attorneys will work with your child to understand their disability and advocate aggressively on their behalf with prosecutors and judges to achieve the best possible resolution.


Helping you meet their needs.

Nate and Lauren helped us with guardianship. They are kind, competent, and forward thinking. We will be returning for estate planning. Thank you Nate and Lauren! You took all of our worries away.

Julie Vedders Duncan