Family Law 

When parents divorce, both they and their children are faced with many uncertainties. Often, parents will have very different perspective’s on their children’s disability and visions for their future.

The decision to get a divorce often does not come easy, and once made, leads to a host of other stressful situations.


Our attorneys are experienced in representing parents in divorce proceedings. We understand the issues facing divorcing parents of children with disabilities, including: Child Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time, Spousal Maintenance, Medical Insurance, Medical Assistance, MA-TEFRA, Parental Fees, MA Waivers. We will work with you to address all of these issues in your divorce and decide which options will best meet your family’s changing needs. We can also work with you after your divorce to modify custody, child support, and spousal maintenance if your family’s needs change.


Helping you meet their needs.

Nate and Lauren helped us with guardianship. They are kind, competent, and forward thinking. We will be returning for estate planning. Thank you Nate and Lauren! You took all of our worries away.

Julie Vedders Duncan