When you have a child who has a disability you are confronted by many challenges.  Our philosophy is to confront each of these challenges head on. Our mission is to provide specialized and expert legal advocacy  to help you navigate each of these challenges.  So that you can be confident that you’ve done all you can for your child.

Our legal services include:

Focus on the Future

As a parent, when your child is diagnosed with autism or another disability, anxiety about their future can be overwhelming. If something were to happen to you today, who would care for your child? How would they pay for everything he or she needs?

Specialized estate planning can help you ensure that your child’s guardian will have the financial
resources to take care of your child. If you or a well-meaning grandparent leaves money for a child who has a disability, this may create problems with eligibility for medical assistance or other government benefits that are crucial for services and supports, including future needs for vocational training and residential housing. You should have a supplemental needs trust so that you and others, such as grandparents, can make distributions for the benefit of your child without disrupting your child’s health care and well-being. The Autism Advocacy and Law Center, L.L.C. offers comprehensive estate planning services at affordable prices for families who have a child with autism or any other disability.

Families Dealing with Divorce

An attorney who understands disability-related issues in the context of a marriage dissolution can help avoid future problems. When parents have a child with Autism or any type of disability, there are specific issues that should be addressed in the Decree of Dissolution. While these issues can vary depending on the family and the individual child, they typically include:

  •   Guardianship at age 18;
  •  a Supplemental Needs Trust for life insurance proceeds;
  •   a Special Needs Trust for receipt of child support payments after the age of 18;
  •   whether to require private insurance coverage (and how doing it incorrectly can cost thousands of dollars);
  •  treatment decisions (including experimental treatment);
  •   special education decisions;
  •   payment for special diets and supplements;
  •  Medical Assistance;
  •   Parental Fees under TEFRA;
  •   Social Security; and;
  •   tax dependency exemption.

The Autism Advocacy & Law Center can help. We understand these issues and can work with other attorneys or on our own to help your family address all the important issues NOW (or later).

Advocacy and Public Policy

The Autism Advocacy & Law Center is working to:

  • end insurance discrimination against autism
  • fight harmful seclusion and restraint at schools
  • increase affordable access to medically necessary care for all individuals who have autism and developmental disabilities

The Autism Advocacy & Law Center is always looking for ways to cause system-wide change – whether through litigation or lobbying. The firm is very proud of its work fighting for low-income children to have equal access to medically necessary care for autism. Click here to read about one of our cases in the Star Tribune.

To join the grassroots advocacy effort, sign up for Action Alerts at our Web site and follow us on Twitter.